Three ways to let the light into your home

By Domenic Belfiore

Temperatures are picking up and days are starting to get longer. While some parts of Australia get to enjoy the warm and sunny weather all year round, other areas are glad to finally have summer right around the corner.

For those about to take advantage of the warm season and list their property for sale, you’ll need to get it looking its best.

One of the many perks of summer is the sunshine and great weather. This can be a big help when you’re selling your home, especially if your property would otherwise look a little drab and dreary in the colder months.

Bringing in light and fresh air can do wonders for your home while it’s on the market. From making the air fresher and cleaner to accentuating your property’s great features, natural light should become your best friend while your property is on the market.

Here are three ways to bring the light into your home.

Let it shine in from above

Skylights make a fantastic addition to properties that don’t have a lot of windows. They’re relatively easy to have installed and cause minimal disturbance, but the results are truly worth it.

While they’re good for letting in natural light, skylights can also improve ventilation and allow air to flow through a space. Moist areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, could be a great place to install them. If it’s just the light factor you’re after, think about bedrooms, lounges or hallways.

Open up your home 

French doors are one feature that can benefit your property all throughout the year. In the summer they can be opened to improve indoor-outdoor flow and let fresh air into your space. In winter, the big, clear windows can let sunshine into the room and help keep it warm.

Leave these doors latched wide open during the summer months to seamlessly blend an outdoor patio with a living area.

Use glass and mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just a great tool to check your hair before you head out the door. They’re actually a very useful tool to bringing in more light into your home. If placed near windows or doors, mirrors can reflect light into other parts of the room. They’re also handy for making spaces appear bigger than they actually are – a great tip for smaller houses for sale.

There’s also the option of using glass doors throughout your property. For instance, by installing a large glass front door, or a door with a big window pane in the middle, you can bring more natural light into your entryway. You could also consider using glass pane doors throughout the rest of the home, such as in hallways, living rooms or bedrooms.

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