Styling your Bedroom for Winter Months

By Andrew Bellino

Style enthusiasts know all-too-well, cold weather is the perfect time to redecorate. As the winter months approach, we all begin to feel the urge to cuddle up under the covers, and our bedroom becomes the cozy haven we are so desperate to return to after a long day of work. Below we give you tips on how to style your room for the autumn and winter months ahead. Have fun redecorating!


Colour has a huge influence in styling a room. Soft and soothing colours such as pale pinks, greys and neutrals are rousing in the winter months. The soft colour palette helps calm us, creating the perfect hibernating den for those cold winter nights. Try working with natural colours including greys, dark greys, light blues, navy, light pinks, warm pinks, beige, warm browns, creams and off whites. You can add colour to your room through bedding, throws, rugs, wall paint and blinds.


The cooler it gets, the more we want to stay in bed and snuggle in. Materials are important in creating the perfect winter den. Look for soft and thick materials that are likely to keep the warmth in. Wool, Fur or Flannel are ideal. Wool can make the perfect doona cover or throw, whereas fur is ideal for a bedside rug, decorative pillows or a throw. Flannel, while not as stylish as the others, is ideal for use as a bottom sheet. It helps trap in your body warmth, which will keep you snug during the chilly mornings.

Plush Comfort

There’s no doubt you’ll be sleeping more in the winter months. Give your body the utmost comfort and swap your dull or flattened pillows and covers for plush bedding. Maybe it is even time to upgrade your mattress? Either way, the addition of lavish bedding will add oomph to your room and make you feel as though you’re sleeping in a 5 star hotel.


Blinds can be used both as a decorative element and a useful element of the room. Help keep the warmth in, and the cold out, by choosing thicker curtains or blinds. Additionally, if you already have thin curtains, add a darker second layer. This will allow you to control the light that comes in your room. If you want the morning light to help wake you up, you can keep the dark blinds open. Conversely, if you’re looking to create that perfect dark den for the winter months, close up the room with the dark blinds.


Add sheepskin or faux fur rugs on top of existing carpet or floorboards to bring extra warmth in the morning. There is nothing more chilling than the feeling of cold and exposed feet when you get out of bed. Add a plush rug to the side of your bed for extra warmth when you get up. Additionally, if you have the resources, try enhancing your winter bedroom den with a fireplace. Whether it is real flame or electric, it will bring an abundance of warmth to the room without the dry hot air from reverse cycle air conditioners.

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