Spring gardening tips

By Andrew Bellino
Print it out and stick it on the fridge, write it in your diary or simply view the 10 must-do gardening tasks for Spring.

The 10 must-do tasks for Spring

1. Plant seeds for flowers and vegies for summer.

2. Fertilise all plants and lawns as growth resumes.

3. Prune hibiscus and also prune plants that flowered in winter and early spring.

4. Plant herbs.

5. Weed and renew mulches on garden beds.

6. Divide and repot cymbidium orchids after flowering.

7. Watch for pests on new growth such as aphids and snails. Aphids can be squashed or treated. Snails and slugs can be trapped or deterred.

8. Repot potted plants that are root bound.

9. Divide herbaceous clumping plants as new growth resumes.

10. Dead head spring annuals and bulb

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