Quick And Cost Effective Kitchen And Bathroom Upgrades!

By Domenic Belfiore

If you are thinking of selling or renting your home or investment and you want to get a premium sale or rental price you might want to consider upgrading your kitchen or bathrooms.

The kitchen and bathrooms are where buyers can really be turned on or off your property.  Even if they like the rest of the house it can turn them off or affect the price dramatically if these rooms aren’t presented well.  Buyers also see them as quite expensive to fix so will take this into account when making an offer.

So, what can you do that’s cost effective to upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms if they are a little tired or dated?  Here are some tips which might help.  It might just be one or two of these ideas that would make all the difference:

  • Replace timber or plastic knobs with stainless steel ones.
  • Replacing a bench top can give a total refresh of your kitchen.
  • If you have dated tiles in your kitchen a simple solution is replacing them with a glass splash-back. Alternatively some neutral tiles might do the trick.
  • The other idea with tiles is to paint them.  Your local hardware shop will sell tile paint which can be used for tiles and baths.  I have seen this done in bathrooms and laundries very effectively.  Generally just in white.
  • Replacing the shower screen with clear glass screen makes the room look bigger and more modern.
  • A bathroom floor can be transformed with some new vinyl flooring.
  • If your cupboards are dated or looking a little tired – Paint them white.   There are heaps of tips and videos on the internet if you just Google – “painting kitchen cupboards white”.
  • A fresh coat of neutral wall paint can also make the world of difference.
  • Ensuring everything is super CLEAN is very important.
  • Grout paint is a good idea for bathrooms in particular.  This just freshens up discoloured grout and is available at Bunnings.

We hope these tips are useful.  If you like one of our sales consultants to have a look at your place to make some suggestions on what is and isn’t worth doing please feel free to contact our office on 03 9308 2277

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