Colour Psychology Master Class!

By Rayni Jerram
What colours should you use in each room?
You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s amazing how much colours can have an impact on our day to day mood and wellbeing. The phenomenon is called ‘colour psychology’ and it’s been studied by experts for decades. We’ve put together a guide for you to find out what colours are best for your home.
Kitchen & Dining Choices
If you have a rather large kitchen or dining space that is really used as the heart of your home, go for a warm blue.
Living Room Mood
If you like to entertain and you want to stimulate activity and conversation, then warm colours and darker, muted reds are a great choice.
Study or Home Office Style
Green is the colour of intellectualism and concentration. Bright colours are a good choice for these kinds of spaces, since they can encourage activity.
Bathroom Colours
White is probably one of the most popular colours for bathrooms today, however, adding splashes of soft green and blue can also be beneficial, as these colours promote relaxation and calm.
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