By Rayni Jerram
Here at Ray White Craigieburn we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to help our clients. However sometimes we underestimate just how much our service can change a persons life. It is not until we receive testimonials like the below that we really appreciate our service being so highly valued and we congratulate Sam Polizzi our Sales young gun on another job well done!
Hi Guys,
I would like to pass on my happiness with the service from a wonderful person, friendly, humble, smart, intelligent, a very nice personality who was helpful all the way through my transaction, Mr Sam Polizzi from Ray White Craigieburn. I was so desperate to find a house to buy and it looked like god sent me an angel from the sky to help me because I didn’t know any one in Melbourne to care but there are still a good people in the world. Sam took me in his own car to show me a house & I fell in love with it straight away! After so many doors closed in my face a miracle happened to our family and even greater we got the house. Sam’s still checking on us to see how we are doing which I didn’t get this kind of service from any other company I dealt with. However after I met Sam all doors began to open I even received a calls from Ray White head Office to offer me to organise my utility service before I moved in to the house. What else we can I ask for? Wonderful people, wonderful service, You are Number 1 in the world in my opinion! I wish you all the happiness & success filled careers. I am writing with my eyes full of tears because what ever I say is not enough about my lovely mate Sam. I love Ray White Craigieburn, they made my dream come true! I don’t know what else to say but love you guys, god bless you always, be safe, be helpful as always and please send my comments to Sam and to his boss. I hope for him to be the CEO of Ray White Australia one day. Thank you so much Sam Polizzi & Ray White god bless you, well done, be safe, take care.
Yours Sincerely  
Patros Khoshaba
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