4 Top Tips to Prepare Your Home For Open Inspections

By Domenic Belfiore

Whether you are trying to sell your property or lease it out, it is most likely that you real estate agent will ask your permission to host a series of Open for Inspections.

An Open for Inspection is hosted by your Real Estate Agent and involves opening your home at specified dates and times. It is considered an essential tool in the marketing of a property, as it allows potential buyers or renters to opportunity to look around the property, helping them determine if it suitable. It also gives Real Estate Agents a great opportunity to meet and great potential clients, giving them a chance to determine their suitability for the property.

If you need to prepare your home for an Open for Inspection here are our top 4 tips to make it a success.

1. De-clutter, de-personalise and clean
Take some time to reduce the amount of clutter in each room in your home. Not only can this help your property look cleaner and tidier, but removing clutter can also make rooms appear bigger.

When potential buyers and tenants view a property, they are trying to envision their lives in this home. Simplify the process for them by de-personalising your home. Take down family portraits, certificates and framed photographs.

Always ensure that your home is neat, tidy and clean, both inside and out.

2. Take pets away
Pets are personal. Whilst everyone can enjoy animals, having them at your property during an Open for Inspection can be a troublesome – particularly dogs.
Prospective buyers might have allergies, have an aversion to pets in and around the house, or perhaps the pet might make a mess during the inspection.

3. Be flexible with times
If you have a high volume of traffic through your home each Open it would be worthwhile having multiple Opens each week. This ensures you are getting the maximum amount of foot traffic through your home whilst giving each party a good opportunity to explore and consider the property.

Naturally weekends are the most popular time for potential buyers and tenants to look through homes, but keep in mind this will not suit everyone. It is advisable to give your real estate agent the option of up to four different potential times for Opens each week, then follow their recommendations as to when your most likely candidates will be available to visit the property.

4. Let in the light
A couple of hours before your Open for Inspection open up all of the doors, windows and curtains in your home (weather permitting of course!). This will allow a good flow of air through the property reducing odors and dust.

If you are at all concerned about the odours in your home, consider purchasing scented room diffuses or candles to sweeten the smell.

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