12 Foolproof Way to Hang Your Favourite Pictures

By Andrew Bellino

Staring at a blank wall, it can be hard to decide the best way to arrange your family photos and favourite artworks. Follow these 12 foolproof picture arrangements and you can’t go wrong.

  1. Rising Symmetry

This balanced, symmetrical approach to hanging pictures works wonderfully when it follows a stair. The diagonal of the stair helps to break to monotony and predictability of the reverse ‘pyramid’ arrangement.

  1. A Family Thing

Great for family portraits, this hierarchical and balanced arrangement places one image in focus, but carefully balances it with two medium sized pictures and 3 smaller ones

  1. Cascade

Another great option for the stair case is this modified symmetrical arrangement. It looks ordered yet has a sense of randomness about it thanks to the smaller pictures.

  1. Same Same But Different

Contrasting one large image with an even number of smaller images is a great way to achieve balance in picture hanging without becoming boring and predictable.

  1. Asymmetrical is So Hot Right Now

Asymmetry can be used very effectively in picture arranging. Although asymmetrical in height, this arrangement feels balanced and fresh.

  1. Three Sizes Find Balance

A more unordered version of the contrasting look. Here three different images have been arranged in a balanced, but diverse composition.

  1. Law and Ordered

For lovers of law and order. This arrangement is fiercely balanced. With this arrangement play with the colour and texture of the images you choose to prevent it looking a little uptight.

  1. The Lead Actor

Another one for lovers of order and symmetry. One image becomes the focus of the composition, while four smaller images play a supporting role.

  1. The Bookends

Bookending smaller images with two larger portraits is a good way to reign in your composition. Over all it feels balanced and logical.

  1. Best of Both Worlds

Don’t be afraid to mix wall hangings with a picture shelf. Together they look balanced and fun.

  1. Tiered Shelves

Building tiered shelves is a great way to add a bit of random fun to your picture arrangements.

  1. In the Family

Combine a group family portrait with smaller individual images of the kids. Don’t be afraid to include a stencil or cutout saying ‘Family’ or ‘Love’ or ‘How Handsome Are We?’

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