Corina Spiteri

Sales Administration

A lifetime resident of Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park Corina is no stranger to the area and all it has to offer, she has seen it grow and change over time, attended its schools, frequented its facilities and is now building her career in the community she knows best. With 5 years experience in property management, and 3 years assistance to our in house mortgage broker Corina has a diverse and in depth understanding of our industry and all it’s inner workings making her a huge asset to our business.

With a firm focus on teamwork and a highly efficient approach to her work Corina has taken over her administration role seamlessly. She has excellent communications skills, is highly tech savvy and a valuable and respected member of our team. Her role within our business is vital as she provides support and management to our sales team and handles much of the behind the scenes activities that make our office run so smoothly. Her attention to detail and immaculate customer service skills cannot be surpassed and it is these fine attributes that will ensure she has a long successful career with us.